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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Online Job?
    An online job is any outsourced task assigned to a virtual worker. Online jobs are GEOgraphically independent. Job posters can take advantage of available skills anywhere around the globe.
  • What type of jobs can I post?
    Job posters are allowed to post any type of location-independent job that can be done from home and delivered online. Examples of Popular job types include back office outsourcing, writing, translation, design, multimedia and many others.
  • How will virtual workers apply to the posted job?
    As a poster, you can determine how the worker applies for the job. It can be done through email or through your website application form. In the former, the worker will provide the details of his application through email. In the latter, the worker will be redirected to your website.
  • How do I pay the worker?
    The worker is paid on a fixed-price or per hour basis, depending on the agreement. The actual payment is done outside the job board and could be done using various alternatives. A recommended method is PayPal.